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“Megan is a wonderful tutor. She has helped me raise my grade tremendously in Spanish. She is very thorough and detailed.
She really wants me to succeed in Spanish. I have used Megan to tutor me in Spanish III, and I will continue to use her in
tutoring me in Spanish IV. My sister will also be using her for Spanish II for the upcoming school year, because she has seen the success that has come from Megan tutoring me. I have used other Spanish tutors before, and Megan by far is the best. I highly recommend Megan to anyone who wants to fully understand and excel in Spanish.” –Margaret, an Atlanta, GA Student

“Megan came to our son at a critical point when he had a failing grade in a very difficult Spanish III class. Through patient and diligent study sessions, she was able to help him raise his grade 12 points in two months. He went from a failing grade at mid-semester to a high C at the end of the term! Megan was extremely flexible on scheduling and was always able to meet our needs on timing. She was easy to work with and her methods were effective at helping our son reach his goal.”–Parent of an Atlanta, GA Student

“Megan was an excellent Spanish III tutor. She was knowledgeable,
professional and pleasant. She was also very flexible and tried to
accommodate our schedule when necessary.” –Parent of a Simpsonville, SC Student

“Megan Moody has tutored my son in Spanish for several months.  We have been impressed with Megan’s ability to assess his strengths and identify his weaknesses so that she is most effective with their time.  She tailored her lessons to match his needs.  She is knowledgeable, engaging, responsible and patient.  My son describes Megan as “easy to talk to, helpful with reviewing class notes, and good at explaining”.  We feel that Megan is a great value for the money spent!” — Parent of a Greenville, SC Student


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  1. Sometimes I recommend the Santa Biblia to people who want to learn Spanish as they are usually familiar with the translation all ready. Audio versions are great tools & make good use of your commuting time.

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