I saw the sign

While studying abroad in Córdoba, Argentina, we had the opportunity to travel around the country during our free time.  As we traveled, I began to notice the signage; bus stops, cross walks, graffiti, and translated signs.  In highly trafficked tourist areas there were many signs in various languages.  In these places I noticed that the signs translated from Spanish to English, were not always translated correctly, which made me wonder, how often do we also make those mistakes?  However, although some words were missing, one could understand the message!

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las recetas


 My future sister-in-law recently gave me a Spanish textbook that belonged to her brother called, Sol y sombra.  I was honored to have this book to add to my collection and have truly enjoyed reading it.  It’s an older textbook, published in 1972, but I love the teaching method.  This book contains many stories, articles, etc. that are separated by difficulty level. Each story contains cognates of English words, and the grammar becomes progressively harder as the reader progresses through the book.

In the second level, I found an article that contained a couple of recipes, with illustrations of all the ingredients.  I pondered this article for quite a while, and decided that I could do something similar with my students.  So, right now I have students thinking of their favorite recipes, which we are translating into Spanish, collecting, making copies and redistributing.  That’s right, a recipe exchange, in Spanish!  And it’s a great opportunity to teach the commands! 

So, if any of you out there would like to contribute to our recipe exchange, that would be great!

Una canción


el patio de mi casa

el patio de mi casa es particular,
cuando llueve, se moja como los demás


que si tú no me quieres,
otro niño me querrá


que si tú no me quieres,
otro niño me querrá

chocolate, molido

Corre, corre que te pío

a chupé, a chupé

sentadito me querré

For those situations when you just need to know…

wordsI don’t know if some Spanish textbooks are including new vocabulary in their lessons, or if I just don’t remember but lately I have expanded (or reinforced) some of my more ‘technical’ or detailed Spanish vocabulary.

Some examples from current lessons:

el ocelote- ocelot (a wild cat that I don’t remember learning about in English)
el despacho- home office
el abrelatas- can opener (another lovely compound word…I love these because they make sense!)
Socorro- Help! (in an urgent situation–why do I not remember this one??)
el loro- parrot
el mono araña- spider monkey

Comment by a student: “I know that all this vocab is about animals and camping, but it really throws me off when they go from ‘iguana’ to ‘pillow’.”
–Had to share, made me laugh!

Field Trip!

As it is the end of exam season this semester, we’re going on a field trip!  A group of students and I are heading out to Ikea today to meet, greet, and practice a little ‘household’ Spanish. In light of our outing, I thought I would share some vocabulary with you.  You never know, you might learn something new! In the ATL area…drop by around 2pm.


Furniture- los muebles


La mesa- table


La silla- chair


El escritorio- desk


El sofa- sofá


La lámpara- lamp


Los estantes- bookshelves


El sillón- armchair


Las cortinas- curtains


La ducha- shower


La cama- bed


La almohada- pillow


Las sabanas- sheets


El mantel- blanket


El basurero- wastepaper basket


El congelador- refrigerator


Las velas- candles


El lavamanos/(lavaplatos)- sink (dishwasher)


una crucigrama



Para la Navidad yo hice una crucigrama especial.

Hay varias palabras para todos los días de festia del año y las cosas que comemos y tenemos para celebrar.

¡Espero que disfrutélo!

¡Felices Fiestas!


los días de fiesta


la letra ‘j’


¡Hola todos!

Today I want to talk about the letter: J en español (hota)

This special letter is pronounced like the Engilsh H…por ejemplo…

jo- is ‘ho’

ja- is ‘ha’

je- is ‘he(y)’

jalapeños are ‘ha-la-pen-yos’…not ‘jall-a-penos’

so, what about this one:

el reloj