How do you learn?

Did you know that we all have different learning styles?  I certainly didn’t until I took an education class for tutoring certification in college.  There are those of us who learn best through visual demonstration, hands-on activities, writing/reading and/or listening. 

I learned in that class that I am very much a writing/listening learner.  That didn’t come as a shock since I always wrote mountains and mountains of notes.  I know that sounds boring and tedious, but it really works for me. I know a lot of people who are visual learners, they only need to see how something works and then it clicks.

What works for you?  I’ve always believed that a combination of things is best, taking notes while listening to the teacher, watching the results of an experiment while making note of the process, trying something out on your own and making record of it later. 

I’ve also learned that the classroom today is very different from what I had in high school.  Then, we took out physical textbooks and notebooks, we wrote notes with a pen or pencil and we physically turned in all of our assignments.  Today, I’ve noticed that many of my students have a school-issued laptop and it’s the tool they use to take notes, create and turn in assignments, and read textbooks.  For me that sounds like a nightmare, I feel the need to read or write something on a piece of paper, not a computer screen, but maybe I’m just dating myself.


What do you think?


Take notes like a BOSS!

I thought I would have some fun with this post!  Lately, I’ve been teaching some note-taking and organization sessions and loving it! (I guess my inner nerd is making a statement!).   During these sessions we take a look at things like:

1. How to use a planner
2. How to make an effective study-schedule
3. How to prepare for upcoming projects and tests
4. How to take some (awesome) notes

Now, I know that the note-taking ‘thing’ may sound old-school and entirely outdated, but I bet you could to the same thing on your computer.  Unfortunately, even though I do use the computer, I feel like I don’t really remember anything unless I write it down.  That’s why I still have a planner (archaic I know!), but I think that having a written record of something is better than having a million-and-one alerts in my phone. (Maybe that’s just me, I know we all have to do what works!)

So, I’m going to share with you the note-taking method I learned in high school.  Now, these notes have a name, but I don’t remember it!


Fold the side with the holes over about 1/4 of the way

On the same side as the holes, write your main headings, indent for sub-headings

On the other side write your key terms and definitions

How to study:

Fold the side with the holes back, that way you show all your headings and can quiz yourself on the terms and definitions!


¡buena suerte! (good luck)

…To all those students returning to school this week!  I hope you have a great start to a new year!

I remember the first day of school.  I would pack my backpack the night before and get everything organized (I was nerd, but that’s ok!).  Then every year my mom would take a picture of me at the front door, all ready for school.  And when I say every year, I mean every year….I didn’t look so thrilled in my senior pic!  Anyway, I always remember be a little nervous every year that first day.  You never knew what teachers you’d get and of course you’d heard stories of teachers you didn’t want to have….it was all a little nerve racking.  But, I liked settling into a daily routine and after a week or so everything was fine!

So here’s to a great week of settling in to your routine! And were ready to help you get a jump-start on tutoring whenever you are!

Un regalo de cumpleaños (A birthday gift!)

I thought I would spread the birthday cheer!  If you 5 book sessions by August 12 you can still get 5% OFF!   Use a session or two to prepare for school and the rest throughout the semester!  They won’t expire and we even have nice gift certificates for you to give to others!


¡Feliz cumple! (Happy Birthday!)

Y volvimos a la escuela…

It’s almost Back-to-School time yet again.  I’m not in school anymore, but I can certainly agree with my students, the summer went by too quickly!

As you savor these last few weeks of vacation, don’t forget to give a thought or two to the upcoming school year!  Do you think you might need a tutor?? Don’t wait until the middle of the semester when you’re too bogged down…

Book some Spanish, E.S.L. or Mandarin sessions today!


Until next time!