la inundación

Right now we’ve been getting (it seems like) almost a solid week of rain and grey days.  I guess the one good thing I can say is that it’s been nice and mild so far.  Anyway–these wet days remind me (in a way) of some of the rainy days I experienced in Córdoba, Argentina. 

In Córdoba, when it rains, it pours–literally.  I arrived in Argentina in early February 2008, the end of the Argentinean summer and we had a few days of really heavy rain.  So heavy that almost all the streets were flooded and taxis refused to drive on the streets because they didn’t want to get stuck in the river of water.  Yes, you could probably jump out the taxi window and go for a ‘not-so-refreshing swim.  I don’t blame the taxi drivers for not wanting to drive in that (taxi drivers are a whole other story).  Unfortunately, on one of the first river-street nights my friend and I decided to go to el cine.  We obviously didn’t realize how badly the streets would flood.  So, a taxi came to pick us up, then halfway through our trip to the theater the driver decided the roads were too bad and he told us to get out of the taxi.

Lesson Learned:

So, after (forging the river) walking back to our respective houses we decided that going out in the rain in Argentina was not such a good idea.

At least the rains in the southeast haven’t been as severe this week and hopefully my friend the sun will return soon!