la playa

I just got back from a friend’s wedding in Myrtle Beach this weekend.  It was a very nice wedding and it was wonderful to spend sometime at the beach in the winter!  Now of course, it wasn’t tank top and bathing suit weather, but it was about 65 degrees and a little cloudy.  Great weather for a run on the beach!!

So I thought, why not, let me share something Thanksgiving/Beach vocabulary with you this week!


la playa- beach

la arena- sand

la costa- coast

el océano- ocean

las olas- waves

las hojas- leaves

el otoño- autumn

el día de (la acción de) gracias- Thanksgiving

el pavo- turkey

la cena- dinner

la familia- family

la comida- food

gracias- thanks



la familia

I’ve recently come back to Atlanta from a quick trip up north to visit my family and attend a wedding. The wedding went off without a hitch and my cousin made a beautiful bride! It was also nice to see the family–all the little ones really aren’t so little anymore, goodness they grow fast! Since my family is quite large (but I love it that way), I felt like I was running around saying “hello” and “goodbye” in the same sentence! But, it was so worth it and I’m very glad I had the opportunity to go. And of course, seeing and spending time with my dad was the best!

Since I’ve been blabbing about my family I thought that would be a good idea to share some Spanish vocab about family….so here goes..
la familia- family
la madre-mother
el padre-father
el/la abuelo/a- grandfather/grandmother
el/la hermano/a- brother/sister
el/la tío/a- uncle/aunt
el/la hijo/hija- son/daughter
el/la sobrino/a- nephew/niece
el/la nieto/a- grandson/granddaughter
el/la primo/a- cousin