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I’m going to say like I’ve said many times before…learning a new language opens doors.  Not only does a new language open doors, but it really broadens your horizons by giving you a larger cultural vocabulary and new experiences. 

We all know that learning a second (third or fourth) language is almost necessary with today’s global economy.  The internet has made instant global communication possible so now people in the business realm are working with many others from different countries and cultures.  All the more reason to begin language lessons now–whether you’re a seasoned business professional, someone just entering the business arena, or a student getting ready for exams–acquiring those second language skills can be extremely helpful!

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From National to Regional

Did you know that the Southeast in one of the fastest growing economic regions in the country?  I didn’t until very recently.  I know that my hometown of Greenville, SC is working toward a 2025 city-plan that predicts its inclusion in the Atlantic Mega-Region.  What’s a Mega-Region?   According to the America 2050 Initiative mega-regions are “large networks of metropolitan regions that are linked by environmental systems and geography, infrastructure systems, economic linkages, settlement patterns, and shared culture and history.”

And the Atlantic Mega-Region will grow to include, Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh and all cities in-between with a concentration in Communication Services, Software and IT, Utilities, and Construction. 

 Why is this really important?  Answer–States and Regions are now competing on an international economic level, making language, education, and bilingualism more than a luxury, it’s now a necessity to be successful in today’s economy.

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