Una oficina

oficinaI am excited to announce that the S.T.A.T. Project is now looking for some office/workspace! In light of our new announcement, for the New Year, I thought I would share some “office” vocabulary.

la oficina- office

la silla- chair

el escritorio- desk

los archivos- files

la computadora- computer

la impresora- printer

la fotocopiadora- photocopier

el teléfono- telephone

la pluma- pen

el lápiz- pencil

el proyecto- project

el trabajo- work

los papeles- papers

la lengua y los bebes

    Did you know?

An infant (at 3 months) can distinguish and identify inflections in multiple languages.
By 6 months, the “multilingual” ability is lost and the infant focuses on the sounds and inflections of the primary language.
Also at 6 months, an infant’s voice box drops and that’s when he begins babbling and experimenting with sounds.
He also begins using consonants and responding to certain phrases.
Too bad we don’t retain that multilingual capability!

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