Un regalo de cumpleaños (A birthday gift!)

I thought I would spread the birthday cheer!  If you 5 book sessions by August 12 you can still get 5% OFF!   Use a session or two to prepare for school and the rest throughout the semester!  They won’t expire and we even have nice gift certificates for you to give to others!


¡Feliz cumple! (Happy Birthday!)

Learn something new


Summer is finally here! I know that it’s the South and I know that it’s hot, but summer is definitely my favorite time of year.  Sunscreen, flip-flops, the beach, what could be better than that? 

I know that we all have busy schedules, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try something new, even if your on vacation, out-of-town, or in a different state.  Try taking Skype lessons!  We offer all our lessons on Skype, so no matter where you are you can review, practice, prepare, and learn something new!


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la influencia española

As many of you know, last week was the Republican National Convention.  I have to say I shocked myself and watched almost the entire thing.  That’s definitely something new for me.  I never was very politically active growing up.  I had a very vague and fuzzy idea about what was going on in Washington, D.C. (And I guess really, the whole concept about what goes on up there is vague and fuzzy).  And if you asked me, I would have told you, “I’m economically conservative and socially liberal.”  Yeah, I made it sound all fanc-i-fied.

When I reached voting age, I did identify myself as a Republican and have voted that way ever since.  But I felt like I had to hide the fact that I had conservative ideals because it seemed to make people upset and angry thinking things like, “Oh, she must be arrogant and narrow-minded.”  I also didn’t want to identify my ideals because honestly, politics is this giant issue that everyone fights about and I despise confrontation.  But you know what, you should feel comfortable about identifying who and what you are.  It doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s a free country, so hey, I’m a conservative young woman.  I’ve started my own business, I love working for myself.  So let’s get this economy back on track so others can share in the American Dream.

Okay, I’m off my soap box.  And all of that was to say that during the RNC we saw some great speeches.  I was very impressed and interested to see the number of Hispanic speakers who took part in the program.  Rep. Governor Susana Martinez made and very inspiring and uplifting speech.  Romney’s own son Craig made a short but beautiful speech (partly in Spanish) about how is father is the best candidate who understands Hispanic desire to come to this country and build a better life for the future generation.  If you didn’t get a chance to check them out (regardless of your affiliations) please do!


http://youtu.be/2y7Z9031EZU (Craig Romney)

http://youtu.be/NEewz5v04mU (Susana Martinez)

Expand Your Horizons

I’m going to say like I’ve said many times before…learning a new language opens doors.  Not only does a new language open doors, but it really broadens your horizons by giving you a larger cultural vocabulary and new experiences. 

We all know that learning a second (third or fourth) language is almost necessary with today’s global economy.  The internet has made instant global communication possible so now people in the business realm are working with many others from different countries and cultures.  All the more reason to begin language lessons now–whether you’re a seasoned business professional, someone just entering the business arena, or a student getting ready for exams–acquiring those second language skills can be extremely helpful!

I’m here to help with conversational lessons, getting prepared for meetings, or studying for your exam!

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October Free-tober


Don’t forget, S.T.A.T. Project is offering the first lesson free–no matter what subject or type.  Your first Spanish or English lesson is FREE, in-person or online!

Writing Services are also part of this promotion!!

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Happy October!

Free is Better…

A friend of my mine has told me many times, “Never turn down something that’s free.”  And yet that’s probably why he has a collection of stickers, plastic cups, coupons for free tacos, and those multi-colored squiggly bracelets that are popular with little kids.  Anyway, I do believe that is good advice, free is always a good thing and today we could all probably use a little more ‘free’.

That’s why until October 31st the S.T.A.T. Project is going to give FREE lessons to everyone!!!!  I’m excited, you should be too!  This means that your first lesson no matter what subject or what type is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY FREE.

So…you could have an English or Spanish Lesson–online or in-person for FREE, yay free is better!

Practice makes perfect no matter where you are

Hello Everyone!

  The school year is well under way and this is just a friendly reminder that the S.T.A.T. Project still offers online tutoring through Skype and email advising.  This way, you can stay current and in practice with your English or Spanish no matter where you are!  And don’t forget about family discounts and free session referrals.  I will work with you to find what best fits your schedule or budget!  So, enjoy fall, which has finally come to the South (hopefully) and I’m sure it’s in full-swing just about everywhere else!