**Study Tips**

It’s mid-term time here in the south! To help you prepare for your tests, I want to share some helpful study tips.

1. Make a study schedule
        Ex. Study your hardest subjects first 30-40 minutes at a time with a 5-10 minute break in between.  Then switch subjects!

2. Make sure you have all your papers, tests, quizzes, for each subject to study from and keep everything organized in its own
    binder, folder, or section.

3. Notes, notes, notes!  
      Study from your notes in each class AND take some extra notes as you study (key points to remember, etc!).  And I’m not
      talking typing some notes on the computer, kick it old school with a pen and paper!
4.  Start studying early, not the night before but the week (or at least 3 days) before

5. Go to bed early! 
     Not at 12AM or 1AM or later!


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