¡Feliz cumple!

Hay dos cumpleaños en nuestra ‘familia’ esta semana, por eso quiero compartir un poema de cumpleaños 🙂


Yo quiero que en tu vida reine la felicidad,
que el éxito esté presente en todos tus proyectos
y que tus anhelos se conviertan en realidad,
¡feliz cumpleaños!


de: http://www.frasesgratis.es/poemas-de-cumpleaos-cortos/

Talk to me!

Okay, so we all know that the internet has made things better and worse as far as communication.  Through social media we can now keep in touch with anyone and everyone we choose.  I can see what my cousins are up to up north, my sister out west, and even friends of mine who are now living in foreign countries.  How cool is that??  I mean, really.  As long as there in a internet connection, we can all stay connected.

There are pros and cons of course.  Something I miss most, hand-written letters from my cousins that I actually got in the (snail) mail.  They were so much fun!  Each note was scrawled on flashy Lisa Frank stationery  with stickers and glitter pens, it was so awesome!  And even now we try to send at least one item in the mail each year.  This year I received a note with some photos and I sent a birthday card and baby blanket.

But, all in all the internet lets us communicate constantly and effectively.  Today I found this interesting (at least to me) article entitled, “The Effectiveness of Online Situated Environments for Language Learning.”  And the findings were pretty amazing.  The article discusses the effectiveness of learning Chinese (yes, CHINESE!!!) in an online environment.  Overall, the experience was effective.  Students found that doing activities online actually motivated them to study.

So, my big question is, “What do you think?” 

From personal experience I’ve learned that children (especially those with ADD and ADHD) really love and benefit interacting through the internet.  They get to push buttons, play games, and see your face!  I have also tutored a good number of adults through the internet and they have been pleased with the results. 

Do you think it would work for you?

**Study Tips**

It’s mid-term time here in the south! To help you prepare for your tests, I want to share some helpful study tips.

1. Make a study schedule
        Ex. Study your hardest subjects first 30-40 minutes at a time with a 5-10 minute break in between.  Then switch subjects!

2. Make sure you have all your papers, tests, quizzes, for each subject to study from and keep everything organized in its own
    binder, folder, or section.

3. Notes, notes, notes!  
      Study from your notes in each class AND take some extra notes as you study (key points to remember, etc!).  And I’m not
      talking typing some notes on the computer, kick it old school with a pen and paper!
4.  Start studying early, not the night before but the week (or at least 3 days) before

5. Go to bed early! 
     Not at 12AM or 1AM or later!

las mascotas (pets)

CheetahI’ve always been a dog person, until Charley and Cheetah.  We got our two kitties and little over a year ago and they have brought so much fun and joy into our lives!  Cheetah (pictured) is really more like a dog.  She’s always waiting at the door when we come home, plays a nightly game of fetch with her mouse, and comes right up to people ready to be pet.  Our other cat is more of a typical cat.  Charley only wants to be pet in certain places and certain times and if anyone comes in the door she bolts directly to the linen closet.

For all you pet lovers out there I thought I would share some new vocabulary!

las mascotas- pets

el gato- cat

el perro- dog

el pez- fish

la serpiente- snake

el conejo- rabbit

el ratón- mouse/rat