My Story

When I was in high school I was voted: Most Likely to Become a Foreign Diplomat (we were all given a superlative, it was a small school).   Although that wasn‘t exactly what I wanted to do, it was close.  I was thinking more along the lines of interpreter, traveling, working for a government agency, etc.

That was my plan.  So when I started college I declared a major in International Relations with a minor in Spanish.  And I started taking classes in Economics and Political Science.  I loved my Spanish classes, but the rest really wasn‘t doing it for me.

I changed schools (unlike some people who change their major many times, I changed schools) and ultimately ended up at Clemson University (Go Tigers!).   While there I also changed my major, Spanish Language with a minor in Tourism.  And I was still contemplating interpreting, but that slowly began to change as I started my work-study job in Clemson‘s Language Lab.  For the first semester I was an admin assistant in the lab and I would schedule and coordinate time slots for the language tutors and students.  One day I asked my supervisor how I could get a job as a tutor.  He told me to contact the director of the Academic Success Center, and from that day on I became a thorn in the director‘s side.  I wanted to make sure that I at least had the opportunity to interview for the Spanish  tutor position for the following semester.

After the interview I was informed that the position was mine if I wanted it and that training would begin in the fall.  I kept in touch with the director all summer and I was so excited for that first meeting with all the tutors. After that first day, I felt an excitement and sense of belonging that I can‘t explain.  I loved working with my peers.   As part of our training we all took an education course to obtain tutoring certification.  There I learned about teaching styles, learning styles, learning disabilities, time management, etc.  And I loved it.

I loved tutoring.  As the one Spanish tutor on campus, I was busy and never knew what to expect.  One night I would have one or two students, the next fifteen to twenty, in different classes and levels.  I worked for the language lab until I graduated in 2009.  Once I had my degree, I was like most recent grads, I had no idea what to do.  I knew I wanted to use Spanish, I just didn‘t know in what capacity.  So, I got my first ‘real’ job as a bank teller.  I used my Spanish daily, which was great but I despised working with money and trying to sell banking products that I would never use myself.   I worked at a bank and as a personal assistant and I was miserable.  The stress level was very high and it wasn‘t very fulfilling.

I tried to find something else, but there wasn’t much out there.  One afternoon while I was visiting my dad and his neighbor we were trying to figure out something different I could do.  The light-bulb went off!  Tutoring, duh.  Why didn’t I think of that before?  So that’s what I did.

In February 2011 I started tutoring after work. In September 2011 I moved to Atlanta and slowly began to grow my business.  Two years later, I can say that it’s been quite a journey, but I’ve loved every bit.  Now I’m helping others and doing what I absolutely love and I’m so thankful!


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