Frida y Diego


 Last Friday I went to the Frida and Diego Exhibit at the High Museum.  This is the first exhibit were their work was shown together.  And it was such a wonderful exhibit!

 Diego Rivera was a Mexican muralist, very active in the Mexican Communist Party and the Mexican Revolution. Frida, his wife, was a self-taught painter who mastered the self-portrait and portrayed her reality through her paintings. Their marriage, like their work was tumultuous and had different periods, ups and downs.  But they both continued to remain devoted to one another, in their own ways.

 I would highly recommend a visit to the exhibit! You won’t regret it.



el día que tú naciste

estrellas20pink1This is a poem I learned in high school from (the best teacher ever) Sra. Lashley. We learned this poem early in her class and were expected to say it if we were misbehaving, or said something ‘not so nice’ to another student. Now, I wasn’t required to say this too often, but it’s stuck with me and really is a sweet and beautiful poem.

el día que tú naciste,
nacieron las cosas buenas,

nació el sol
nació la luna
y nacieron las estrellas

en inglés:

the day that you were born,
all the good things were born,

the sun was born
the moon was born
and the stars were born

las recetas


 My future sister-in-law recently gave me a Spanish textbook that belonged to her brother called, Sol y sombra.  I was honored to have this book to add to my collection and have truly enjoyed reading it.  It’s an older textbook, published in 1972, but I love the teaching method.  This book contains many stories, articles, etc. that are separated by difficulty level. Each story contains cognates of English words, and the grammar becomes progressively harder as the reader progresses through the book.

In the second level, I found an article that contained a couple of recipes, with illustrations of all the ingredients.  I pondered this article for quite a while, and decided that I could do something similar with my students.  So, right now I have students thinking of their favorite recipes, which we are translating into Spanish, collecting, making copies and redistributing.  That’s right, a recipe exchange, in Spanish!  And it’s a great opportunity to teach the commands! 

So, if any of you out there would like to contribute to our recipe exchange, that would be great!