For those situations when you just need to know…

wordsI don’t know if some Spanish textbooks are including new vocabulary in their lessons, or if I just don’t remember but lately I have expanded (or reinforced) some of my more ‘technical’ or detailed Spanish vocabulary.

Some examples from current lessons:

el ocelote- ocelot (a wild cat that I don’t remember learning about in English)
el despacho- home office
el abrelatas- can opener (another lovely compound word…I love these because they make sense!)
Socorro- Help! (in an urgent situation–why do I not remember this one??)
el loro- parrot
el mono araña- spider monkey

Comment by a student: “I know that all this vocab is about animals and camping, but it really throws me off when they go from ‘iguana’ to ‘pillow’.”
–Had to share, made me laugh!


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