But my hands are blue…

I’m sure at one time or another we’ve all seen and episode or two of Bill Cosby’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”  And they really do have that innocence and ability to come out with whatever they may be thinking at the time.  And although many of us may want to speak what is on our minds, we’ve learned (at least some of us) to filter or tone down what we say.

Fortunately, children don’t worry about such things and I’ve learned over my experience (albeit limited) that children are honest, blunt, and very creative.  I thought I would share with you some of the little morsels I’ve heard along the way….

Question:  What do our hearts do, why do we need them?

Answer: Because if they stop (your heart) you die.

Question: Why is it good for us to exercise?

Answer:  So we can sit down and watch TV all day.

Question: Do we know why the dinosaurs are extinct?

Answer:  Because at first there was a lot of water.  And the dinosaurs kept drinking all the water.  And Jesus came and told the dinosaurs, “Stop drinking all the water!!!”  But the dinosaurs didn’t listen and Jesus got really mad and he came and killed all the dinosaurs.

Question: What is this (pointing to the CD-Drive)?

Answer: A cup holder.


I guess the message here is: Kids can be kids.  And why shouldn’t they be?


palabras largas

Last week while I was working with a student, we came across a question his workbook (Barron’s SPANISH NOW! Level 2), “What is the longest word in the Spanish Language?”  So of course, I had to find the answer….I searched around a little bit and found this:

“pentakismyriohexakisquilioletracosiohexacontapentagona,” which contains 54 letters. The word denotes a polygon with 56.645 sides. (I had no idea such a thing existed)

This word is followed by “superextraordinarísimamente”, which means extremely extraordinarily and contains 27 letters.

And knowing these answers, I had to hunt around for the longest word in the English Language.  And the longest recognized, non-technical coined word is:

“anti-dis-establishmentarianism” which contains 28 letters and means, “of, pertaining to, or opposing the disestablishment of a state church.

For more longest words check out Wikipedia or do your own search!

Learning more about Learning

This week I started working with the So Much 2 Learn Homeschool in Decatur, Georgia.  It has been wonderful and I’m enjoying every moment of helping out and helping the kids learn.  After seeing the children in the homeschool setting, I was wishing I was 5 or 6 again, experiencing it from their point-of-view.  Thankfully, I always did and always have loved school and learning (except for a couple tough middle school years) and was blessed with a family who supported me along the way–but I know I would have loved homeschooling if I were given that opportunity!!

In the classes last week we reviewed a lot of the basics, the continents, oceans, where our country is located on the map, evaluated reading, writing, and math levels, and began our Spanish classes.  As we catch everyone up to their various levels, I’ve noticed that there is quiet a disparity between the education I received in the public school system (15 to 20 years ago) and the education children are receiving today.  Some of those common, basic, essential concepts for a handful of children are severely lacking or completely missing all together–And that makes my heart ache.

This is a problem that should not be overlooked, but unfortunately due to lack of funding, lack of caring (and if I’m allowed to say it–government involvement) in our education system, the youth of America seem to be rapidly dumbed down.  This makes me want to stand on the rooftops and yell “Come on America!! Wake up, your children are the leaders of tomorrow!!!!”

Well, as my father says, “I’ll get off my soapbox” but I’d like to leave you with this little tidbit of information…some advice from today’s teachers.

Until next time….¡Chau chau!

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Since my own birthday is right around the corner, I thought I would post some Spanish birthday vocabulary…


feliz cumpleños– happy birthday
torta de cumpleaños– birthday cake
fiesta de cumpleños– birthday party
las velas– the candles
regalos de cumpleaños– birthday gifts
los invitados– the people you invite to the party
¿Cúantos años tienes?– how old are you?
–Tengo (#) años– I am  (#) years old.

¡Feliz Cumpleaños a todos!