El alfabeto

El alfabeto y el sonido de las letras son muy importantes para la pronunciación correcta del español.
(The alphabet and the sound of the letters are very important for the correct pronunciation of Spanish)

This may sound a little silly and of course very basic, but it’s the truth.  The alphabet (in any language) is essential to all aspects of language, reading, writing, and speaking.  Once a student understands the alphabet I’ve seen them get that awesome “ah-ha” moment where they say to themselves, “Oh, yeah, that’s how you say that! That makes so much sense now!”

Now, the Spanish alphabet does have a few more letters than the English alphabet (26).
In addition to all the English letters, Spanish also has the “ch” (che) sounds like “ch” in English, “ll” (a-yay) makes a “y” sound, “ñ” (n-yay) makes an “n+y” sound, “rr” sounds like the ‘r’ in “Vrrrooom”. 

Some other tidbits: “h” is always silent at the beginning of a word, i.e. “hola”
There are very few words in Spanish with the letters “k” and “w”

I thought I would include this cute little alphabet video.  It doesn’t include the special characters, but it’s very good and has a catchy tune!

Órale, El Alfabeto


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