Can you hear me now?! Good!!

The infamous “they” say that communicating is the key to any relationship.  I say this is very very true.  By communicating, we tell others what we want or need, how we feel, if we’re happy, sad etc.  As children we may not know the words, or the correct ones to say when wanting or needing something, but a child makes his needs known by crying, laughing, smiling (and I’m sure many other ways I have yet to learn!).

Even animals communicate with us to let us know when we are in danger, when they are feeling playful, sad, or scared.  And it is also true that some of us are better at communicating than others.  For some people, when they have something to say, they are quick, straight to the point.  Yet others may give mixed or subtle clues, while finally (perhaps after much contemplation and realization) reaching the clear communication stage.  In teaching a foreign language, it’s an interesting and exciting process to watch students go from the “What?? How do you say that?? What does that mean??” stage to the “Oh, yeah, I know!” stage.  Being able to communicate in another language opens so many doors, expands vocabulary, and broadens cultural knowledge.  Acquiring a second (third or fourth) language is so much more than just a skill, it’s an opportunity.

So, even though learning and communicating in another language may not change your “communication style” at least you can express yourself in other ways, perhaps ways you never thought possible!


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