Language = Fun

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work  with some young children at Little Voyages (Language Immersion Classes for Children and Adults).  This has been such a great experience and I have learned just as much (if not more) as the little ones.  Classes are structured with various activities, songs, videos, arts & crafts and pretend play that envelop children in the language of their choice.  It’s so exciting to see a young child grasp a concept in another language and hearing them speak it is such a beautiful thing.  Starting language learning at a young age will open so many doors for a child in his future.

Through this experience (and with the help of my fiancé–I must give credit where credit is due ) I’ve discovered a great learning tool, really for any age.  (Hopefully Dora enthusiasts will agree)  There is a great little cartoon out there called El perro y el gato.  And maybe it’s a little sad to say, but I could watch these little cartoons over and over.  They are little bilingual cartoons that take a subject matter, i.e. “Going on vacation” and El perro y el gato (the dog and cat) go on vacation saying words and phrases in both English and Spanish.  The combination picture + word + sound is great for language acquisition!  Throw some play time and arts and crafts in there and you have a really fun, really effective learning experience!

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