If I Had Six Months of Freedom


If I had a six-month break from my life and access to some resources…I would travel. I would love to go back-packing in Latin America or Europe. Latin America is closer to my heart (I spent six-months studying abroad in Argentina) so that would probably be my first choice.

During my study-abroad experience (which I wouldn’t take back or change for anything) we ran into several people from the U.K., Australia, France, Germany, etc. who were doing just this–traveling for six-months or a year. I remember at that time of being so envious (yes it is a vice, but I have to be honest). Studying abroad has it’s advantages–obviously you’re completing your degree while experiencing the country, but you are in a classroom for the majority of your stay.

The idea of escaping your hectic life and meeting so many people along the way seems like such a romantic idea to me–and a true learning experience. The truth is we met more people traveling during our breaks in Argentina than we did during school. (I guess that would be pretty obvious!) So…if I had six-months to do whatever I pleased I would grab a backpack and a friend and head out for a trek!

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