The Impact of Learning a Second Language

I recently found a great article about the impact of a second language education on a student’s intellectual development.  The article entitled, Impact of Second language Education on Intellectual Development, Student Achievement, Socialization and Economic Potential of Student and Province”  states that there are 5 areas where a second language education has brought a significant change.  These areas are: 1) Intellectual pontential, 2) Scholastic Achievement, 3) The student’s first language, 4) Citizenship, and 5) Economic potential. 

Not surprisingly, children who begin learning a second language at a young age develop better reading comprehension skills, problem solving skills, and social abilities.  In addition, the second language enhances the child’s native language and could also contribute to a “multilingual capability.”

I’ve also learned through my own experience that learning a second language (or multiple languages) decreases chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s later in life.  A few years ago I worked as a Senior Caregiver for a company in South Carolina.  One of my clients at age 93 had a comparably sharper mind and wit than her peers–a blessing her daughter contributed to her mother’s knowledge of 5 different languages. 

The lesson of these stories teach is that it’s important for you to learn a second language–if you start young it will keep your mind younger longer AND if you haven’t started yet, it isn’t too late!  Make learning a second language part of your New Year’s Resolution!

Remember with S.T.A.T. Project your first lesson is always free!

Happy New Year!


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