What do you learn from music??

I found this video the other day on YouTube and thought that it would be great to share with others.  It’s a little goofy, but that’s why I like it…and it covers many topics and vocabulary that you learn after one semester of Spanish (as the vid says, Semester One Love Song).

Hope you enjoy and maybe you’ll hear some familiar words and phrases…


El día de la acción de gracias–great food, good words

Thanksgiving–my most favorite holiday, is right around the corner.  And with that exciting news a Spanish Proverb comes to mind:

barriga llena,  corazón contento
 (a full stomach  makes for a happy heart)

With all the yummy Thanksgiving food this particular saying seems appropriate.  But Thanksgiving isn’t all about a full tummy. It’s about spending time with others, enjoying family, and being thankful for what you have.  So I believe we should amend this saying to:

corazón lleno, corazón contento
(a full heart makes a happy heart)

A todos, ¡disfruten el día de la acción de gracias!

Home Is…

Where my heart is


Home. It’s such a simple word, but it’s more than just a house with rooms. Actually, I don’t think home is a house at all. It’s being with the people you love–creating memories and maybe that is what attaches you to a certain house or place.

I’m from South Carolina and the truth is that will always be home for me–particularly the house I grew up in with my mom and grandma. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized as long as I have the memories and the people I love in my life (my family is my home), I can always be home.

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I Wish I Were Fluent In…

The Art of Conversation (and the love of Language)


I love languages and would love to conquer (acquire) all the romance languages (and a few more)…

1. Portuguese- I took one semester of Portuguese in college (while in Argentina…so I was learning Portuguese in Spanish, which I wouldn’t recommend….too much for the brain). I loved it and can understand it but can’t speak it so well.

2. Italian- My best friend is fluent in Italian and I think I can understand about 60% (maybe a little bit more). So we can have conversations in Spanish and Italian…it’s a fun brain exercise. And Italian is such a beautiful language…I would love to learn it formally.

3. Romanian- One of the five romance languages (the one that everyone forgets) that I’ve heard a few times and find very interesting.

4. French- I’d like to learn it because it is a romance language, but it’s not my top choice….sorry if I offend anyone, but I think French has too many letters that you don’t pronounce.

I’d also like to refresh my German and maybe learn some Czech

If you haven’t noticed, I love languages–learning them opens so many doors and it expands creativity and expression!

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Some more Free…

The S.T.A.T. Project is extending FREE LESSONS for this week only.

That means you can book a free lesson for Spanish or English, in-person or online from today, November 1- Friday November 4.

Don’t miss out!  It’s a great opportunity to start learning a new language which could help you in school or in your careerSo…book a FREE Lesson today!