Travel Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Pack your sweatshirt please!

wayward cafe toilet paper dispenser

There are 2 major travel lessons I learned the hard way…

1. Always make sure you know the climate where you’re traveling and pack appropriately.

2. Always bring toilet paper and hand sanitizer with you wherever you go.

Ok, the second one probably sounds a little goofy, but you’ll thank me later.

Anyway, when I went to Argentina in the Spring of 2008 I don’t know what I was thinking (about the climate). Perhaps I thought, “It’s Latin America, it’s going to be hot, balmy, tropical.” Duh, of course that’s not the answer…it’s nice in the summer, like the Southeastern U.S. (hot) but in the winter it’s COLD…especially since the buildings don’t have proper heating. So, I had a handful of long pants and sweatshirts…and thank goodness the woman I lived with had a wonderful supply of wool sweaters.

Now on to number 2. Toilet paper is essential and you never realize how much you take it for granted until you don’t have it. It you’re going to travel to youth hostels and places like that (or throughout the country in general) just pack a roll or two in a backpack along with some hand sanitizer. Odds are, you’ll have to pay for toilet paper at a public restroom (they have attendants who regulate how much you can use and the cost) and that’s just no fun.

So, pack your clothes and supplies well and happy travels!

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