A Must-See Documentary



Normally I am against documentaries. I mean, if you had to admit it, I think most people would agree that the majority of documentaries are made to scare the pants off you.

For example, Food, Inc. and Super Size Me made me never want to eat again. My mother (love her, but we don’t have the same taste in films) owns a documentary called, Toxic Brew–to make the common person totally freaked about ever using another cleaning product. In short it goes something like this–toxins are in the cleaning chemicals you use in your house, those fumes will have lasting side effects for the rest of your life or the alternative…

So anyway…I’m not usually into documentaries, but I do recall a fun one I watched with my dad a couple of years ago right before Thanksgiving. It was a film about turkeys in the U.S.–how many turkeys are consumed, how the eggs are used, how turkey bacon is made, etc. Now, I guess if you’re an animal lover or PETA activist it probably wouldn’t stoke your fire, but I thought it was interesting and educational 🙂 I only wish I could remember the name, but I think it was on the TLC or the Food Network. Anyway, I’d say it’s the best one I’ve seen, which I guess doesn’t say too much…

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