I can’t believe that ten years ago today the worst tragedy of my lifetime occurred.  I remember exactly where I was, who I was with, and what we were doing–as I’m sure everyone can remember.  I was a sophomore in high school, and getting ready for Spanish class to start when a senior rushed in and said they’d just heard one of the towers had been hit.  We didn’t believe her, but our teacher flipped on the TV and there is was–the then the second tower was struck before anyone knew what was going on.

The most traumatic part of that day (for me to witness) was watching two brothers in our Spanish class break down crying because their father was in the vicinity of the towers that day (thank Goodness he was ok)–they were devastated and all of us were not really knowing what to do or how to feel.  But I was amazed and still am when I think about how this horrible event brought us together as a nation–that day we were not Southerners, Yankees, New Yorkers, South Carolinians, we were Americans.

God Bless those who died on that unforgettable day ten years ago and a big thank you to those policemen, firemen, and others who worked so hard and helped so many.

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