Passing on some words of wisdom–

   I took Spanish all four years of high school.  I guess you could say then that I already knew what I wanted to do–which was true.  I discovered Spanish in the eighth grade and fell in love with it.  Well anyway, my Spanish teacher in high school was (is) an amazing woman and she truly inspired me to continue studying the language.  However, being high school students, we all got out of hand at one time or another, you know the usual, calling each other names etc.– and when we did we were kindly coerced by this teacher to recite these words:

“El día que tú naciste                                                                  
  nacierion las cosas buenas;
  Nació el sol
  Nació la luna
  Nacieron las estrellas.”

“The day that you were born
 all the good things were born;
  The sun was born
  The moon was born
  The stars were born.”

   This really is a nice little poem.  But I think our teacher’s purpose was to make us stop for a moment and instead of saying something hurtful, say something kind.  And kind words can go a long way.  So I suppose that’s the lesson for the day–share some kind words with someone, they will go far.


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