International Travel versus Space Travel

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine


Oh, oh, I know I know!!!

Free international travel for life, hands down and for many reasons:

1. You can go anywhere in the world, free

2. You get the chance to meet a ton of people of different cultures, who speak different languages (I guess you could say I’m big on that 🙂 )

3. You can create memories for years to come, document your trips, teach new things to family members and loved ones.

4. Make lasting connections with others who you would probably never meet (and visit them often, because hey, it’s free)

And you get to go places where the culture, language, music, food, etc. is different, broaden the horizons, try new things (ok, I think that I’m repeating myself)

But I could just IMAGINE what I could do with free international travel, the possibilities are literally endless!!!

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Practice makes perfect no matter where you are

Hello Everyone!

  The school year is well under way and this is just a friendly reminder that the S.T.A.T. Project still offers online tutoring through Skype and email advising.  This way, you can stay current and in practice with your English or Spanish no matter where you are!  And don’t forget about family discounts and free session referrals.  I will work with you to find what best fits your schedule or budget!  So, enjoy fall, which has finally come to the South (hopefully) and I’m sure it’s in full-swing just about everywhere else!


Art I Appreciate

Dance the Night Away…

Mr. Vachon and dancing partner, Montreal, QC, 1928

If I had to choose, I’d say that my favorite type of art would be dance. I’m a dance-lover. I started taking ballroom dancing in high school after falling in love with the movie “Strictly Ballroom”. And that was about the time “Dancing with the Stars” and the movie “Shall We Dance?” were very popular.

I’d have to say, I’m not a fan of the bump-and-grind and that’s why ballroom dancing holds such an appeal for me. I enjoy the formality, your partner asks you to dance and you thank him afterward. I think it teaches so much more than the dance steps, ballroom dancing teaches, courtesy, posture, and presence and the best part, you actually dance with a partner. The Latin rhythm dances are my favorites, i.e. the rumba, salsa, merengue, samba, etc. This probably has something to do with the fact that I love the Latin culture.

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A Must-See Documentary



Normally I am against documentaries. I mean, if you had to admit it, I think most people would agree that the majority of documentaries are made to scare the pants off you.

For example, Food, Inc. and Super Size Me made me never want to eat again. My mother (love her, but we don’t have the same taste in films) owns a documentary called, Toxic Brew–to make the common person totally freaked about ever using another cleaning product. In short it goes something like this–toxins are in the cleaning chemicals you use in your house, those fumes will have lasting side effects for the rest of your life or the alternative…

So anyway…I’m not usually into documentaries, but I do recall a fun one I watched with my dad a couple of years ago right before Thanksgiving. It was a film about turkeys in the U.S.–how many turkeys are consumed, how the eggs are used, how turkey bacon is made, etc. Now, I guess if you’re an animal lover or PETA activist it probably wouldn’t stoke your fire, but I thought it was interesting and educational 🙂 I only wish I could remember the name, but I think it was on the TLC or the Food Network. Anyway, I’d say it’s the best one I’ve seen, which I guess doesn’t say too much…

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I can’t believe that ten years ago today the worst tragedy of my lifetime occurred.  I remember exactly where I was, who I was with, and what we were doing–as I’m sure everyone can remember.  I was a sophomore in high school, and getting ready for Spanish class to start when a senior rushed in and said they’d just heard one of the towers had been hit.  We didn’t believe her, but our teacher flipped on the TV and there is was–the then the second tower was struck before anyone knew what was going on.

The most traumatic part of that day (for me to witness) was watching two brothers in our Spanish class break down crying because their father was in the vicinity of the towers that day (thank Goodness he was ok)–they were devastated and all of us were not really knowing what to do or how to feel.  But I was amazed and still am when I think about how this horrible event brought us together as a nation–that day we were not Southerners, Yankees, New Yorkers, South Carolinians, we were Americans.

God Bless those who died on that unforgettable day ten years ago and a big thank you to those policemen, firemen, and others who worked so hard and helped so many.

Dos colores blanco y negro–

   Last week I shared a little be of poetry, so think week I thought I would share a song.  I believe I acquired this song while in Argentina.  And I think

 that it’s a very nice one.  Hope you enjoy it!

                  Dos Colores

Nuestra primera intención
era hacerlo en colores:
una acuarela que hablara
de nuestros amores. 

Un colibrí polícromo
parado en el viento,
una canción arcoiris
durando en el tiempo.
El director de la banda
silbando bajito
pensaba azules y rojos
para el valsecito. 

Pero ustedes saben, señores,
muy bien cómo es esto;
no nos falló la intención,
pero sí el presupuesto... 

En blanco y negro
esta canción
quedó en blanco y negro
con el corazón,
en blanco y negro,
nieve y carbón,
en blanco y negro,
en technicolor,
pero en blanco y negro... 

Fuimos quitando primero
de nuestra paleta
una mirada turquesa
de marco violeta. 

Luego el carmín de las flores
encima del piano,
una caída de sol
cuando empieza el verano. 

Todo los tipos de verde
de una enredadera...
Ya ni quedaban colores
para las banderas. 

Nuestra intención ya no fué
más que un viejo recuerdo
y esta canción al final
se quedó en blanco y negro. 

En blanco y negro
esta canción
quedó en blanco y negro
con el corazón,
en blanco y negro,
nieve y carbón,
en blanco y negro,
en technicolor,
pero en blanco y negro...
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Passing on some words of wisdom–

   I took Spanish all four years of high school.  I guess you could say then that I already knew what I wanted to do–which was true.  I discovered Spanish in the eighth grade and fell in love with it.  Well anyway, my Spanish teacher in high school was (is) an amazing woman and she truly inspired me to continue studying the language.  However, being high school students, we all got out of hand at one time or another, you know the usual, calling each other names etc.– and when we did we were kindly coerced by this teacher to recite these words:

“El día que tú naciste                                                                  
  nacierion las cosas buenas;
  Nació el sol
  Nació la luna
  Nacieron las estrellas.”

“The day that you were born
 all the good things were born;
  The sun was born
  The moon was born
  The stars were born.”

   This really is a nice little poem.  But I think our teacher’s purpose was to make us stop for a moment and instead of saying something hurtful, say something kind.  And kind words can go a long way.  So I suppose that’s the lesson for the day–share some kind words with someone, they will go far.