Predicting the Future of Technology

Technology and how I see it…


Ok, so I’m not going to exactly answer this question, but I will say how technology has influenced my life or generation. Since I was born– PCs have become a common commodity, there were portable CD players, cellphones evolved from the Brick to the i-phone, walk mans became i-pods, and now PCs are net books and i-pads.

When I was little I had the Sega video game console (were they called consoles then??) and the Sonic the Hedgehog video game…I thought that was the coolest thing, and now I’m sure a kid today would look at that thing and say something like…”Wow, this is really boring….lame.”

And I’ve always been a big ‘note-taker’ and I don’t mean I type notes on my laptop, I went to the classroom in college and was one of the last people with things called notebooks (with college-ruled paper) and pens and pencils.

Now, I’m all about technology…it’s great for keeping in touch with people, making a statement, etc. but I miss seeing kids playing outside (I haven’t seen kids playing outside in my neighborhood in YEARS) and I think that actually writing a letter and sending it in the mail is more personal than sending someone an email. I guess I’m saying maybe technology is killing our imaginations and creativity and maybe having too many media outlets is actually giving us too many choices?? But hey, I could be wrong. I just keep thinking that possibly in five years we’ll all end up like the “people” in WALL-E…motorized chairs and forever in front of a computer screen.

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