¿Qué sabes?

I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day…talking about my favorite subject, Spanish.  And of course I was really annimated, telling him everything I know about the Hispanic culture, tango music, the history of Argetina, etc.  Then he responded, (not to sound too high and mighty) “Wow, you know so much.”


I thought about that…I don’t feel like I know too much about anything in particular, but then I thought…this is what I love, Spanish and the culture is what I love, that is why I ‘know’ it.

We should all embrace what we love and share that knowledge with others.

Vamos a charlar

I miss maté.

Especificamente, el yerba maté de Argentina.

Why don’t we do this here in the U.S.?  We could all stop and smell the roses a bit, share a drink with friends, and chat about our lives.

Podriamos tener una charla.

So, that’s what I propose…sometime this week, take time out of your busy day and have a chat with friends, it may be one of the most important ‘little things’ you do.

Chaú for now~