“Oh Telemundo, why does everyone talk so fast?”

I’ve heard many students say, “Spanish people talk so fast!”  And I’ll admit, when I was first learning Spanish, I thought that too.   However, there is a reason for all the ‘speed-talk’, it’s called Phonetics–simply put Spanish is pronounced different and sounds different to the English speaker’s ear.

Unlike English which is spoken in a series of stressed and unstressed  syllables (like English Lit. class, explaining iambic pentameter, da-daa-da-daa-da-daa), Spanish speakers pronounce every single syllable, so it sounds faster.

Also, sometimes Spanish speakers ‘eat their words’ i.e.

Maria Elena went to the store

Maria Elena fue a la tienda

Sounds like:

Maria Elena fue‘la tienda

So, next time you’re channel-surfing and happen to see Maria and Juan in an overly-dramatic and emotional argument, don’t fret because you’ll know that their speedy dialogue isn’t just caused by their lover’s spat! It’s just the Spanish language 🙂

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