Un idioma es un regalo

 “Bilingualism is diversity, tolerance, understanding, richness, power … celebration.”
       Notes from Talk at  California Association of Bilingual Education Conference,

             February 2, 1994

“A language is a gift” so those who can should share it with others!

I understand that many people may feel that learning a language is not needed or essential for everyday life.  And I suppose I understand that thought.  I’ve heard others say, “We speak English so everyone should learn English.”  I’d have to say I agree with that to an extent.  I had the wonderful opportunity to travel abroad to Argentina–they speak Spanish there, so I spoke Spanish.

BUT a language is so much more that words, it’s a mode of expression that expands your vocabulary, thoughts, and exposes you to a different culture.  And that’s something that everyone should have the chance to experience!


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